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Summer 2022 Rules & Format

Handicap Rule:

A. Due to the low number of teams and vastly different individual rankings, we are invoking a handicap rule for this session.

B. Following the chart below, the lower ranked player starts with the score (for 01) or the given number of marks (not on bull) for cricket

C. To use the Handicap feature, in DartConnect

  1. Before the first dart is thrown, hit the “HC” under the name of the lower ranked player

  2. Enter the score/marks based on the table

  3. Hit Enter to begin the match.


D. When applying handicap marks, players are restricted it to marks for single open cricket hits on numbers 20 through 15 only (selecting the bull is not permitted); not anything that would score points.

For example: A player getting a 6 mark handicap cannot select more than 3 20’s as their handicap. They can select 3 of one number and 3 of any other number or even 1 mark on each number 20-15, if desired.

E. Handicapping for this season is mandatory for promoting fair and equitable play and may not be waived for any individual game or match.

summer2022 handicap table_V.PNG

Doubles Format:


1 leg of cricket against each player on the other team. (4 total points)
1v1, 2v2, 1v2, 2v1


1 set (3 out of 5) doubles. 701, then Cricket, then Cork choice. (up to 5 total points)


2 sets (3 out of 5) singles 501 (10 possible points)
Cork only the first leg, then alternate start

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